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The Humanitarian Solutions Group

Turn-key shelter and logistics expertise for Government humanitarian crisis.​

Rapid Emergency Modular

In times of crisis, HSG experts provide on-demand emergency modular units that suit your requirements whenever and wherever needed.  From processing, housing, command, medical, or triage – our customizable modular solutions innovatively and immediately offer the versatility needed in times of crisis.

Temporary Humanitarian Housing

With any mission, we infuse humanitarian perspectives into helping vulnerable populations in times of crisis and transition. Our thought leadership brings together decades of experience in temporary housing design and building.

Built-To-Suit Facilities

In addition to rapid modular response and temporary humanitarian housing, our team is ready to build and maintain hard-sided large-scale humanitarian infrastructure.


Wrap-Around Services

HSG has essential services available for all types of housing and facilities that we design and build with our partners.

About us

The Humanitarian Solutions Group is a specialized humanitarian, emergency and turn-key infrastructure and wrap-around services provider.  With experts at the helm, we offer rapid, scalable, and cost-effective humanitarian response infrastructure, logistic coordination, and wrap-around services.   We are minority owned small business that centers our philosophy of care around providing shelter and support services that center on respect and dignity for those in need shelter and support services.


Our mission is to deliver humanitarian, emergency and turn-key infrastructure and wrap-around services that center on respect and dignity of those in need.


We put vision into practice, by building a world where innovation, quality, and state-of-the-art is provided to anyone in need of shelter and support services.


  • Community: We foster a sense of belonging by designing and building spaces that bring people together in an empathetic and safe manner.

  • Compassion: We are responsive and respectful to the cultural and demographic backgrounds and experiences for those we care for. Through action, our hope is to show others that their experience with us matters.

  • Collaboration: We work closely with our government, private sector, and civil society partners to ensure coordinated and effective solutions are provided quickly to those in need. 

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A specialized humanitarian, emergency and turn-key infrastructure and wrap-around services provider.


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